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We know this is a very important day to you and your closest friends and family, our staff will help you with all aspects from beginning to end.

How does the planning process work?

Buggy on DisplayWe invite you in for a tour of our facility and then sit down to discuss your ideas and thoughts for your day. Our coordinators will assist you in narrowing your ideas down to a more concrete schedule of events and choices.

This may seem a bit overwhelming when you first think about it, but we will use our expertise to make this a fun process that will put together just the right wedding for you, your family, and friends!

How will I know what it costs?

There are many factors that go into preparing your personalized proposal including guest count and menu choices. During the planning process, we will get a better idea of your vision so that we can prepare a comprehensive and tailored proposal for your review. Your proposal will include all potential costs so you can be assured that no hidden fees will be applied later.

How does the finance part work?

Morgan Hill at NightAfter you receive your personal proposal, we will hold your preferred date without obligation. We will reach out to you the following week to discuss any questions or to assist you in making your deposit. Payment plans for your deposit are available, so please feel free to talk with a Morgan Hill staff member should you need to put one in place. We accept all major credit/debit cards, checks and cash as payment.  Final payment in full is due ten days prior to your wedding.

How can I save money on my wedding?

We are happy to offer discounted rates during our off-season of November through April. We realize there are only so many Saturdays available throughout the year, so we offer discounted rates on Fridays and Sundays as well, no matter what the season.

Do you have vendors that I have to work with?

The only vendor you absolutely have to use is our catering company, Jolain’s Gourmet.  All other vendors can be decided by you. All of our booked brides receive a comprehensive bridal packet that includes preferred vendors that we work with frequently.  After you book we’d be more than happy to sit down and discuss your options with you.

Do you offer tastings to sample the catering prior to finalizing the menu?

Morgan Hill and Jolain’s Catering offer taste testings to all our booked brides and grooms. The chef will put together a menu sampling the more popular items on the menu. He is available during this time as well to answer any questions about the food, ingredients or preparation. From hot to cold appetizers, to three entree buffet meals, to gala plated dinners, our chef is sure to please any and all dining preferences.

Can I hire a wedding planner?

Yes, you can. If you hire a wedding planner, please have them meet with MH staff prior to your wedding so we can make sure all tasks have been properly delegated.  We will help smoothly coordinate things on the day of your event, but please call or e-mail our staff to make sure all details will be attended to.

Can I bring my own food or catering for the reception?

You may certainly bring your own cake if you wish, but all other food and beverage services are provided by Morgan Hill Event Center.

We want to have a bar at our event. How does that work?

Morgan Hill Event Center holds a liquor license and we’d be happy to provide a bar for your event.  We have a fully stocked bar staffed with experienced bartenders to serve any guest count. In accordance with our liquor license all alcohol must be purchased through Morgan Hill.  The bar can be set up in many ways. We’d be happy to talk to you in more detail about all your options for a hosted bar, use of drink tickets, or limited bars, so feel free to contact us anytime regarding these options. We accept cash and all major credit cards.

Will I have the chance to have a rehearsal at Morgan Hill prior to my wedding day?

If you are having a ceremony at Morgan Hill, you are guaranteed a one-hour rehearsal. Your rehearsal date and time will not be scheduled until ten days prior to your wedding day.  

When does Morgan Hill need to have final guest count, menu and be paid in full?

All payments, final menus choices, and minimum final guest counts need to be submitted ten days prior to your event date.  Once we have the minimum guest count, you are able to add people up until the day off the event.

Who is responsible for decorating and what is permitted?

We encourage all our brides to put together a crew for elaborate decorations.  You are permitted to access the facility two hours prior to your wedding start time to decorate. If you are short on time, MH staff will help with simple decorating needs such as putting out centerpieces or favors. In order for MH staff to assist you, all centerpieces and favors must be delivered “table ready.” “Table ready” means everything is put together, candles are in holders, price tags and other labels are removed, flowers are cut and arranged the way you’d like, etc… We’re happy to allow real candles, but in accordance with fire code, all candles must be enclosed within some type of container high enough to include the flame. Unfortunately, we cannot allow the use of glitter, confetti , fake snow, or similar items anywhere in the building. However, silk and real flower petals are permitted. Please check with MH staff if you are unsure of your decoration choice.


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Nothing gives us greater pleasure than helping you plan and having you enjoy your wedding day stress free.

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